about tusk consulting

About Tusk

A team that cares about your outcomes

We’re a team of professionals who care about helping you to make your organisation more efficient and more successful.

We want you and your people to achieve great things, and that’s reflected in our vision, mission, and our everyday approach to our work.

Our Vision

For all business owners and leaders to be able to design, build and lead outstanding organisations.

Our mission

To empower business leaders and owners to create successful, sustainable and engaged organisations through their people, purpose and processes.

Our approach

Tusk is a compact team of people, including a network of trusted associates and partner organisations who specialise in specific disciplines in strategy, people and organisational design. We’re here to guide you into delivering what your organisation requires in order to have a bright future. Achieving that outcome is the result of a conscious, honest and collaborative approach involving our three key beliefs:


  1. Organisations and their people have the ability to make a positive difference
  2. Real change can only happen through a collaborative approach
  3. Its only by doing and learning from success, and failure, that growth happens.
About Peter Rimmer - tusk consulting

our founder

Peter Rimmer set up Tusk in 2016 with the aim of combining all his experience, skill and passion to create a consultancy that focused on the ‘design’ of organisations and the people tasked with driving them forward.

“What interests me is more than the structure of an organisation – my work includes systems and processes, and looks at their influence on power bases as well as the culture and dynamics of the organisation. Understanding and harnessing the passion of the people in an organisation is vital work and helps organisations to achieve the next phase of their development. So my approach blends strategy and hands-on implementation to help organisations harness their organisational power in the most economical and effective way.”

Why ‘Tusk’?

“I’m often asked “Why the name ‘Tusk’? It’s simple: I like elephants. I could work up some themed explanation about their status as a ‘keystone species’ and ‘ecosystem engineers’ but it’s less complicated for me: they’re beautiful creatures. It’s that simple!”

Our mentors and influencers

We follow essential theories from recognised authorities, recognising the great work and developed thinking that’s out there. For organisational development it’s inspiring people such as:

  • Peter Blocks and his approach to consulting and stewardship
  • Kurt Lewin as the unofficial founder of the OD movement and his work through the National Training Laboratories
  • Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge for her contribution to the expertise that exists in the UK as well as her passion for building healthy organisations that uphold civil society.

We are accredited by Ashridge and Strategyzer and have high regard for their operating models and organisational design methodologies. We follow and are also influenced by:

  • Institute of Consulting (IC)
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)
  • European Organisation Design Forum (EODF)

Finally, the academic research of Linda Holbeche, Naomi Stanford and Andrew Campbell also inform our thinking.

To find out more about how we can work with you and your organisation, give us a call today.

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