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Development & training leads to willing and able staff

A development and training strategy is a key part of an overall business strategy. It maps out how an organisation develops the capabilities, skills, competencies and behaviour for its employees. Major skills gap, poor retention and under-par performance all impact on an organisation’s ability to compete, let alone grow. A staff development and training strategy, however, provides focus on exactly what an organisation and its people (from top to bottom) need from each other. It stands to reason, therefore, that recruitment both influences and takes its lead from this strategy.

‘Development’ is so much more than training, and training is more complex than simply attending courses. Without a strategy, neither will result in the engaged, high-performing workforce you need. You’ll just be flinging money at the perceived ‘problem’.

Successful development ensures you capture the strengths of a diverse workforce. Background, experience, culture, cogitative differences – they all create commercial resilience and drive innovation as much as they provide resource. Diversity breeds difference of opinion and expectation but a thoughtful and pragmatic development strategy will harness such contrast, driving value and performance in an organisation.

Development & training strategy

Here’s our list of ‘must have’ components of a development and training strategy:

  • Carrying out capability assessments across the organisation from the board to the shop floor. OD and ops, change-ready, IT and tech saviness, etc.
  • Managing a post Covid flexible workforce that works from home as well as on site. The challenges, opportunities and implications are vast for both the employer and employee.
  • Designing blended learning solutions
  • Using digital tools to create flexible and innovative learning programmes
  • Applying learning theories to ensure employees get the best out of their development
  • Designing and facilitating a range of learning interventions, including technical, behavioural and leadership programmes
  • Driving a culture of continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Creating a coaching culture in the organisation
  • Monitoring how effectively learning has been transferred to employees



Tusk is an accredited user of a variety of learning tools including MBTI and MTa.

HR Development & Training - Tusk Consulting


At Tusk Consulting we look at organisations as a whole which means the structure, the culture and most important, it’s people. An organisation is only as good as the people that work within it at every level.

Tusk Consulting partners with We Thrive who look at employee engagement. We Thrive focus on staff Mental Health & Wellbeing, and include Diversity, Equality, Equity &Inclusion.

If you are interested in discussing how we could benefit your organisation in developing your culture around these areas, please get in contact.

We Thrive Partner

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