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Organisational Transformation

Organisation Transformation needs a purpose and a plan

Transformation in organisations is common practice – almost a buzz word together with ‘change management’. Successful organisation transformation, however, isn’t guaranteed despite the work and energy expended.

Transformation is, as the word suggests, a significant change in an organisation – it affects everyone usually over a period of time and results in a repurposing of how an organisation operates. In short, it’s a huge undertaking. It takes great vision and understanding, then meticulous planning and the energy and tenacity to see it through.

We collaborate with our clients to analyse and amplify their vision then we provide the necessary emotional, intellectual and practical support – philosophy, methodology and tools – to deliver transformation effectively and efficiently.

Organisational transformation design

  • Creating the ‘business case’: what are we doing, why and how? What does ‘transformation’ look like to you? This is a story that everyone in the business – employees, supplier, investors and customers – needs to believe.
  • Designing the transformation programme: identifying critical strategic steps and setting out the principles whereby transformation is possible. Investing sufficient time in creating the right framework is vital.
  • Benefits realisation: taking the time to involve everyone at the planning stage so everything is taken into consideration right from the get go. Avoiding confusion and misunderstanding, managing expectations to avoid disappointments, helping to ensure resistance and opposition never get a look in.

“Tusk afforded the right amount of time and effort to skilfully get to know the people and the business really well, making all the difference in helping to lead a complex change programme.”

Senior leader, educational services

Change management

  • Change readiness assessments: getting the organisation (people and processes) ready: communication strategy and implementation, managing sponsors / change ambassadors, putting a skills and development training plan in place, developing a plan for handling resistance.
  • Change management support: providing invaluable guidance and back-up to the transformation team but also keeping senior management participation at a high level. Managing pilot schemes (including leadership) to test and perfect your solutions.
  • Change evaluation: analyse and document, and show-and-tell with the wider organisation, feedback and improve.

Service design & service improvement

  • Service design: as in improving the experiences of both the employer and employee by designing, aligning, and optimising an organisation’s operations – all in line with the transformation programme.
  • Service improvement: after all, a transformation programme might simply lead to improvements rather than a complete re-design….
  • Developing KPIs and performance measurement: indicators of progress are only as good as the benchmark against which they measure.

Tusk’s organisational transformation is thorough, logical and – so our clients tell us – an entirely positive experience.

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