The new Tusk Website is open for business

We’re delighted to announce that our new Tusk website is now live. It’s the result of 6 months’ hard work distilling the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over 20 years as organisational and HR consultants.

One of the key messages we want to get across is that employees – people – are the common link between the two distinct services we offer. Helping organisations get the best out of their business means getting the best out of their people.

By ‘organisations’, we mean every kind of business – large, small, start-up and not-for-profit. Tusk services, and the particular way in which we employ recognised methodologies, will help you thrive whoever you are.

Tusk organisational consulting

Consulting is just for big corporates, right? It’s all theory? These are the myths we’re keen to dispel with the new Tusk website. Designing and maintaining a high performing organisation is vital however small your business. Like a lot of consultants, we employ a range of strategies and methodologies to create ideal business and operating models. The key promise we make to our clients, however, is that we’ll work alongside you to implement them too. ‘Getting it off the whiteboard’ is a Tusk mantra, and one we carry out as a team together with our clients.

Tusk HR

We’re big advocates of HR that does more than ticks boxes and fights fires. With the new Tusk website, we’re introducing businesses to the concept of HR as an integral tool for growth. ‘Getting the people bit right’ means managing the whole journey from interview as candidate, through onboarding as probationer, to engagement as valued employee in your organisation. That’s the only way you’ll move forward as one – and meet the challenges ahead.

Tusk consulting for every business

Those businesses fortunate and strong enough to be trading through Covid lockdowns, will still need to review their structure and models of working. A major positive to come out of the pandemic is that virtual working can be hugely successful on so many levels. Many employees have proved that not only can they be trusted to work from home but that they are more productive in doing so. However, pre-Covid structures will need to be reviewed to maximise this new technology-led way of working.

Tusk is committed to helping organisations establish stability while embracing the opportunities that lie ahead. Those willing to learn, make changes and, if necessary, transform themselves and their workforce, will thrive in the current environment, not just survive. We want to enable you to do this, and the new Tusk website demonstrates how and why. We look forward to your visit.

Our thanks to Parachute Communication and childsdesign with whom we created the new Tusk website.

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